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Interesting Game!!

It's simple and nice

This was a really fun experience! I enjoyed exploring everything and finding the endings! 

Really Beautifully looking game, with nice design. Was trying to find the Easter egg for about 30 minutes, but couldn't find it :D But yeah, worth trying out ! :)

Weird and fun! Just the way I like it! Thanks for all  the work put into this!

This looks amazing and the fact you could move most things was awesome. For a game jam game it was fun to play but as you could move things and with more rooms and stories this could be something else. Overall tho was a fun play. Gratz on the win.

cool little game!

Fun game, enjoyed it

I had a good time with this game! It was pretty interesting how it reacted to your actions! The door was really creepy too haha! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!

Neat game ! Love how you can interact with everything and having different outcomes is always a plus. Good stuff !

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game, I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, it still holds up to this day, graphics haven't aged a bit. Made a video on it.

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Had a lot of fun with this game, and ended up creating a sub plot where my mom fought a lion and died lmfao.

I enjoyed the concept of this game, it would be awesome to see it expanded some day! 

Was a very unique style game . I didnt know it had a secret ending though!  I got two endings though ! Great job! Your game in 2nd and starts at 4:14 

Tried to get all endings. Not sure if I did but it was still a good game.

Weird and fun! Just the way I like it! Thanks for all the work put into this!

Really enjoyed this, the graphics were really smooth and the atmosphere and build up to the eeriness was really good also, i can see why this won the game jam is was very well done, its  shame that it wasn't expanded upon though as you did call it a prototype which in my opinion implies a finished result, great game nonetheless, gameplay above hope you enjoy 

Comments below clip;

It's easy to see why you won 1st place. You so rightfully deserved to. The scenes and textures are out of this world. Although I'm  a man that doesn't follow orders, I played along with this game, and got a bad ending.

Well done and kudos to all involved. It was a joy to play and record.

I tried to trust and got the bad ending..hahaha.. then I returned and got the good ending :) Very beautiful graphics!

love it


I can't believe this game! Thumbs up!


can't even open the game since the menu does nothing


Your game is the 4th game I played in this video! I'll be honest, I don't really understand what's supposed to be "horror" about this game. I only got one ending. I have no idea how I'd get one but I guess that's why it's called "easter egg ending" lol. The other I'm pretty sure is just to wait down the battery, which is kinda tedious. I like the environment though! And I appreciate all the effort that went into it! Thank you for making the game!

None of the buttons do anything on the main menu so i literally cant get into the game-

Hey hey! What is your operating system and what are your specs?

I'm so sorry for the extremely late response, I haven't opened in like...  a century...

My PC is running Windows 7 because its old as balls but I've upgraded the GPU to a 1050TI and added 16 GB of ram. The only part of my PC that I haven't upgraded is the CPU since I can't really do much with that, which is a Core I5 2400.

Weird and fun! Just the way I like it! Thanks for all the work put into this!

Fun and spooky at the end. The endings were not really different enough, but I like the concept!

Don't Trust @ 34:08

it wont load it takes and hour

Was pretty fun and looking forward to the impending story and how it connects to the gameplay. Was super unique; the way you decided to start the game and make the phone the main settings and pause screen. Game also looked really good and seemed like it was pretty flushed out. Looking forward to more!

We had some fun with this one and maybbbeeee for all the endings :P

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A bit short but interesting game. We had fun with it.

We got all 3 endings:

Hi vampirschi gaming! The game has been developed since the game jam time and we are releasing some news about it's current development state and future plans soon so keep following us :)

Nice art style

The First Game.

He had fun with this one.

how do you get in to the game

A fun little choose-your-ending experience! I don't know if I got all of the endings but I liked the art style! Keep up the good work and hope to see more from you! 

I really like this game and I would love to see this game get big PS please make more endings

I had no idea what I was doing right or wrong but I do like the idea of this game. Game start @ 29:50

But I thought I was doing GOOD?!
YOUTUBER: Maya, (The Bubble E1)

Hi there!

I played you game and I really loved it. I'm sorry I contact you through here but I can't see any other way to reach you (I'm also kind of new in this web).

Thing is, I'm a sountrack composer and I wanna start making music for videogames, and I really like your games (I loved the atmosphere in Teenage Heart).

If you wanna see my works and/or contact me, go here --->

Thank you! :)

I take a while for the good ending in my head 

realy nice shit i loved it 

Hello Pinhoug! Thank you for this video! 

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