Further Development

Hello guys! At first, we would like to thank you all for playing Don't Trust. We are truly thankful  for all of the videos and feedback. We do know Don't Trust is a short and unfinished game as it was made in only 48h for the local game jam. We still cannot believe that so many people were interested in trying the game. We are really upset that some of you felt disappointed.

But all the feedback gave us motivitaion. Previously, we did not plan to develop Don't Trust anymore. However, after a couple of meetings and brainstorming sessions, we've finally decided to make Don't Trust something bigger. We are currently working on the development of the concept we have came up with at Sensei Game Jam 2020 and making Don't Trust a bigger and scarier horror game.

Here you have a sneak peak of a new location prototype. Our Environment Artist is using them as mockups for more detailed scenes so stay tuned for more!

Oh, we've fixed a few bugs and added a message at the end of the game indicating that you've finished the game (it was not clear for players).

Thank you one more time!

Browar Collective


Don't Trust (64 bit).zip 439 MB
Feb 27, 2020
Don't Trust (32 bit).zip 436 MB
Feb 27, 2020
Don't Trust (Linux).zip 446 MB
Feb 27, 2020

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