Explore a girl's desolate soul to help her process a painful breakup.

This game uses the narrative scripting language Ink to discreetly personalize the experience for each player. Its concept arose as an experiment in applying Jungian principles to game design, you could say it's an amalgamation of all of its creators' Shadows.

In Jungian terms, the self is an ever-changing psychological construct shaped by a process called individuation. A breakup can be a deeply unsettling experience, since in a way our fragile self is rejected by objective reality, personified by the significant other. In our Tost Game Jam entry we attempted to depict the hardships of individuation under such difficult circumstances.

This game was made for Tost Game Jam 2020 (jam's theme: "age 20").

Please only expand to full-screen if your screen resolution is in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Movement: WSAD/Arrows

Jump: Left Shift/W/Up Arrow

Attack: Space

Dialogue Interaction: WSAD/Arrows and Space/Enter


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so sweet

This was a neat experience. Background art was phenomenal and the falling sequence before the last boss was a clever touch to mixup the gameplay. I appreciated having to talk to the bosses and that seemed more important than the actual fight itself. Only issue I really had was it was hard to tell when I was or wasn't hurting the bosses. Great job!