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Had to re-upload


Heya! Just played it over on my channel and really enjoyed it!

Hey Nervouslatte! Thank you for the video. Pretty nice that you've reached all the endings. Cheers!

Really interesting and good game. Nice to sit back and not get scared but still feel scared.

That was exactly what we aimed for :) We do appreciate your video.

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does this game has jumpscares? :(

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We wanted to aim for more psychological experience so the game is kept in the horror tunes but doesn't contain jumpscares :)

Played your game in an indie romp video I made. I'm a tad confused though since the toy box went missing before my character was seen walking by the river with it. was I the child?

Your game starts at 5:20

You may have been the child and at the same time you may have not :) It depends on your interpretation of the ending. Thank you for putting us in the video LordofNope!


Thank you for the video SnickerDudeAI! We actually suggest trusting at least your family tho : D

Amazing game but the ending didnt seem right.I didnt know if my game crashed or not, after the mom sent the message, I thought there was more to it as what happens wasnt really clear, but I really like it!It gives you a lot of freedom to move objects around and I really like the style of it!

Thank you for feedback moonlight6966! You are definitely right - we are planning to expand the ending in the future along with the entire game. Stay tuned for that :)

The game is short but I fell in love with it anyways, I like the creepy feeling of being watched at all times and the different endings. I like that the game makes you theorize about what's REALLY going on when you do the bad ending.  Consider watching the video and if you enjoy it, subscribe to my channel. 

im scare of u, u r ghost! :(

Thank you for playing Don't Trust ImmaGhost! Yes, we do wanted the players to come up with idea what could have happened with main character as we strived for more psychological experience than horror experience. That's really nice you have noticed that :)

Really unsettling undertones halfway through after doing what appears to be innocent chores. Loved the delivery, and the snark if you decide to rebel.

Thank you very much! That was exactly what we wanted to feel for the player.

it crashed my computer? i launched it on my 2012 imac and the computer just turned off. i am assuming that its just my computer being a pos though. it looks like a nice game! i would love to be able to play it

It is very unlikely for the game to crash you computer. Do you have enough disc space for launching the game?

system requirements? i don't think it will run on my system


Pentium 4 3.00ghz

Intel 82945G graphics GMA 930


Win 7 Ultimate

We are not able to tell whether the game is running on such specs. Did you try to play it? What was your experience?

just pink screen nothing happens

This may happen when your graphics card doesn't support the newest OpenGL  versions. I suggest updating  drivers but if it doesn't help, there might be nothing  more than upgrading hardware to do. 

A game with 3 endings including a secret one ( my video contains spoilers on that one as i got it first try i think),the game has interesting physics to be able to throw things around and a has pretty good concept when it comes to gameplay , for me however i felt the endings were very lack luster and especially for the bad end it would of been nice to see more horror thrown in.

We resigned from horror tricks on purpose to make Don't Trust more thriller/drama with only a little feeling of menace in the gameplay. We do know the endings are not the best ones we could get but still for 48h it was all we could do. Thanks to all the feedback we are planning to develop the idea more in the future so stay tuned :)

cool little game :)

Thank you very much IndieGamerScott!

Tried this game out to see what it was about. I don't wanna be rude but I didn't really understand it. It took me a while to figure out the controls since I didn't read them off this site first and the ending didn't really feel like an ending to me. I honestly thought I wasn't doing something right or maybe I broke it or something. I'm still not 100% if I beat it or not haha! Though there was an interesting thing you did with the toy box. How you made it move closer to the _____ if you didn't pick it up. Would be neat to see more things like that happen if you choose not to listen and follow directions. Just my two cents is all. :P

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Thank you for comment and the video! We do know that the ending is not clarified enough and may be hard to notice - we had 48 hours to make the game and didn't think about it that way. We are thinking on extending the idea and making Don't Trust more "horror" experience in the future so stay tuned.

It's all good just giving my opinion is all. Would like to see what else you do! I'll have to keep an eye out!


really good!

Thank you! :)

Well I downloaded this game & it didn't work. Just gave me a white screen. :/

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Could you tell us what version you downloaded (Win32, Win64, Linux or Mac)?

Windows. Sorry, I'm never on here & don't talk via comments. Please send me a direct message on my Twitter, (just check my profile on here for the link).

Game was interesting!  Had fun trying it out! 

Thank you for playing and recording the video! We do enjoyed that! :)

Amazing game

Thank you TheRandom Fies!

Really well done for the theme! Had a lot of fun playing with knives and trying to get the different endings! 

Thank you Pecanyoutube for recording this playthrough! 

I'm not too sure, but I think I got all three endings lol. But short or not, I enjoyed the game :)


Hi SpazzKing! Thank you for this video! :)

No problem!


Awesome Game! I had a great time recording it and playing and it really through me for a loop. Great Job! (Starts At 10:34)

Hello PEK PLAYS! Thank you so much for recording this video! Greetings from our team! 

is this also supported on chromebook?

Hi RandomPotOfChillli! Don’t Trust is not supported on chromebook.

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y did you take it off mac? can u get mac on there back plz mate

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Hi Ooofatron 6000! We are sorry but we have not build mac version at all yet. It's planned for tomorrow as we will be able to access mac pc for building purpose then.

The build for macOS is just uploaded :). Enjoy! 

This game was short but great!! (12:24)

Hello CaptainLuke! You are right that the game is not so long :). Thank you for playing it! 

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What I liked about this game:

1. Graphics were really nice.

2. The idea of getting new goals through the phone is very neat and sinister because there are real life games like this that end up in kid's death. Really creepy!

3. Detalization is very high. THe phone has a battery that is constantly going down, the dpiser-man poster, the coffee poster, interactable books - nice details!

4. A couple of endings. Makes you replay the game. Cool!

What I disliked about the game:

1. It's a bug, I think but at the end the TV dissapears - you can see that in the attached video. You can see only parts of it.

2. The door constantly fights you. It closes too fast so sometimes it just hits you - also shown in the vid.

3. The knife makes sounds of falling when you just near it. It made me jump XD

Overall, the game is awesome! You can see it in the video (it's the second one). I hope the feedback was useful! Though, I think the game missed good oportunities for spooks such as windows or ceiling. There might me something or someone for a short period of time - but that is just a suggestion. So, my rating is 5/5. Bugs that I mentioned does not make the game less fun and enjotable) 

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Hello Erderi! Thank you for the video and long review! Every opinion makes us better game developers. We've fixed the bugs in the latest update so again thank you for playing!


If you ever start receiving weird text messages from strangers telling you to do weird things and eat cookies. DON'T TRUST THEM! In fact never even trust any texts. Too risky! Also Don't eat the cookie! It's stale!

Hey Sugarcat! Thank you for recording this funny video and playing our game! Greetings from our team! :)


i cant figure out how to get on the game and i downloaded it and everything

same it just won't run


Probably because of your Operating System version. We will upload more platform-dependent builds(Windows x64/x32 and Linux) today. Sorry about that.

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If you still want to play Don't Trust, we've just uploaded Win32 and Linux versions :) Cheers!

For such a bright game there are some pretty dark undertones going on. I really enjoyed this! I believe I got all the endings but I am not sure. First game in the video! 

Hello Jar Red! Thank you for playing our game and for recording this playthough! Greetings!

Hey, can you fix a bug where you can drop the knife behind the kitchen counter and you cant pick it back up? I got stuck and had to restart. Thanks!

Sure, thanks for the bug report!

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Hello Zirantiz! The bug has been fixed in the latest update thanks to your report. Thank you again :)






Not entirely sure if I got all the endings, but this was pretty good! Not necessarily a scary game, but the foundation it sets is really cool. I like the idea of following orders from the phone that get darker and darker as you complete the tasks. Here's my playthrough:


Hi Adrionic! Yes, you managed to find all of the endings! Thank you for recording this playthrough. We especially enjoyed the moment when you were waiting for the battery to run out, it was pretty funny! Greetings from our team!

I wish there was a little more backstory and not such an abrupt ending, but that's what you get for a game made in 48 HOURS. So, I totally understand and actually enjoyed myself quite a bit. Especially when I was asked outta the blue, "Hey bud, go get a knife." haha

Great work!  

Hey KingTwizz! We agree that there could be a little bit more of backstory and if we develop this game in the future, the plot will be more advanced.  However, we are happy that you enjoyed the game!

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Hello! i had a lot of fun playing this game i really do like the concept of this game sense we live in a society where young kids are more likely to have mobile phones and are more likely to download random stuff they find without understanding what it really is and this game does a good job exploring this idea i managed to get all the endings (good,bad,and the Easter egg one) there was one bug with the tv which i found really funny it's at 20:36 to 20:43 in the video i made and feel free to enjoy the video too i made on your game other than that great job with this!

Hello Soulbarrier! We are glad you found all of the endigns :). Indeed, the bug is really funny and we did not notice it before!

So is the third ending the battery running out?

Yes it is :)

Got stuck in a table, played catch the knife, went to bed. Had fun. 


Hi MADGaming! Thank you for recording this playthrough we really enjoyed watching it! Greetings from our whole team! :)

Glad you enjoyed the video!

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I remember playing the first version with Bohemian Rhapsody playing at the end a few days ago, gotta say I did enjoy that version but I forgot to add that onto the video. Either way nice game and btw I got all the endings, hope to see more content from you guys in the future!


Hello rodteabaggins! That's awesome that you've found all the endings :) We had to get rid off the Bohemian Rhapsody due to copyright issues. 

Thanks, and yes I know It was removed because of the copyright issues but it sure was a nice song to be added in a indie horror game. Anyways best of luck to you guys and your future projects!


This game was pretty confusing,, i am not sure if i beat it or not. Had fun playing it at least ! 

Hi Cajunally! You've reached two of the three possible endings. The game was made in 48h for Sensei Game Jam so we are glad that actually there are people that actually play this game :)

Got some kick out of this game, had fun playing it!
I really love the art style and the simplistic setting.
Keep up the good work!

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There are two more game jams we are attending this month so we hope to explore setting and genre even more in the following games. Thank you again for playing! :)

PS. We do apologize for any copyright issue. We've replaced music in the latest update so it won't be a problem anymore.


I look forward to more of your games, I absolutely love the art style and setting :D


Cool game. Not so much horror but quite sinister. A nice change of place from what i usually play, nice job.

Hello ProofreadFire! Your video was really pleasant to watch :) We are very happy that you managed to get all the endings and that you found the way to "cheat" the phone by not doing tasks. Thank you again for playing!


It was fun! Good work. Love the art style and over all theme of the game.

We are glad to hear that BoarNotRat! Cheers! :)

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